Each of our homes has an activity coordinator, they along with other care staff will organise a range of activities for our clients to take part in and display the upcoming events on the activity picture. All our care homes activities are inspired by our clients and our staff are simply there to offer support and encouragement.  We start our day off with a ‘Daily walk’ around the home, this includes all staff asking a client to come for a walk with them, (We have also had visitors and professional joining in). We have musical instruments and have music on portable speakers. If the weather is nice we venture outside or if not we walk around the home singing and dancing, we knock on and say hello to people who are in their rooms.  Everyone in the home enjoys the daily walk.

Our in house program also includes Zumba, armchair aerobics, arts and crafts, bingo, pub afternoons, knitting, our mobile library, manicures, gardening, flower arranging, card games and our new favourite is ALEXA, the clients love asking ALEXA questions and playing games or just asking for their favourite singer.  Our external program includes Pub visits, library outings, coffee dates, shopping in town general visits to the local area.

We are always happy to have family members and the local community volunteer with activities and events. All special events are celebrated together, everyone’s birthday is marked with a cake from our chef and birthday banners and balloons, Christmas,, bonfire night are celebrated in the home with parties. Whilst in the summer months we have garden parties, fun days, Easter we celebrate with hatching chicks or ducks and bouncing castles.