Dementia Care

Every care home in the UK will have residents who have some form of Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia and other cognitive disorders. But knowledge of the condition isn’t the only challenge; we feel that understanding the resident on an individual level is just as crucial to their wellbeing. We take the time to get to know each resident, their history, lifestyle and personality building our care around them. We provide the highest quality care to preserve dignity, treat people with respect and promote independence.

Our facilities in our dedicated dementia space are well equipped to support people with cognitive impairments. We use layout and décor to decrease disorientation, ensuring residents feel safe and secure in their home. We have a computerised medication system which helps us tailor the medication administration to individual planned needs.  We can use the system to see trends and refused doses to gain a better understanding of the client and the medication given to report back to the GPs and adjust times/doses as client needs change and evolve. We offer daily meaningful activities, tailored for those living with a dementia. We’re committed to enabling our clients to lead fulfilling lives in a positive and enriching environment.

We believe a person’s journey through dementia is one that is shared by those closest to them so we are also there to support relatives to understand dementia and how they can still play an active part in their loved one’s life – encouraging a journey together which is that bit less overwhelming

Old Coach House Residential Home, Hessle

The Old Coach House is located in Hessle and provides residents with personalised, professional and compassionate care in a warm and welcoming living environment.

Priory Care Residential Home, Cottingham

Priory care Residential Home is a privately-owned Cottingham care home providing professional, individual and compassionate care in a friendly, welcoming environment.